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About IASM

IASM was established in 1971 at National Institute of Sports, Patiala. The headquarter of IASM is situated at J.N. Stadium, New Delhi.

Sports Medicine has come a long way as a discipline offering valuable service in understanding, predicting and influencing human behavior in physical activity and sports. Sports Medicine specialists are serving as consultants,counselors, performance enhancers or educators to provide scientific input to the elite and budding sports persons. Sports scientists are involved in sports psychology, sports nutrition, sportsbiomechanics, training methods, rehabilitation and research.

Indian Association of Sports Medicine is a professional body, which encapsulates professionals from all the diverse fields of sports sciences. The aim of IASM is to have a better interaction between different categories of sports scientists. This website is a step towards providing a medium for close interaction between different categories of sports scientists.

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The Indian Association of Sports Medicine fosters collaboration among diverse sports science professionals through this website, promoting close interaction and knowledge sharing.

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Our Objectives

Promotion of Physical Fitness

To guide and assist in the promotion of physical fitness among people.

Sports Fraternity

To provide scientific guidance and assistance to the sports fraternity, regrading the medical and health aspects of training in sports.

Sports Science & Allied Sciences

To conduct research in the field of sports medicine, sports science & allied sciences.

Periodicals and Pamphlets

To print and publish articles, periodicals and pamphlets on topic related to sports medicine & allied science.

Assistance in Establishment

To provide assistance in establishment a National Institute of Sports Medicine at the Headquarters of the IASM, and assist the state units to establish sports medicine centers or institute within their jurisdiction.

Organize Seminars

To organize seminars, symposiums and workshops in the Sports Medicine & allied Science.

Affiliated as Members of IASM

To organize and cause to organize state units and to get them affiliated as members of IASM.

Promotion of Sports in the Country

To do all such other acts congenial and conductive to attain the objectives of the IASM, and for the promotion of sports in the country on a sound scientific basis.